Monday, 29 November 2010

Meeting Wednesday?

Do we want to meet up Wednesday? To discuss who is going to do what over the Christmas holidays and how we'll talk to each other?

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Ident ideas!

Our silver background. 'Lucid studios' appears bit by bit onto the silver background with a mysterious sorta music behind it (bells, computer sounds )
Lucid Studios. Black font on white background. A 'disturbance in water, ripple' effect occurs and the writing flows off screen (probably an After Effects thing).
Each letter of 'Lucid studios has like a helium, or low gravity applied to it,the letters fall onto screen, into place and knock eachother letter back off screen. (probably Maya)
Black background. Torch light searches the background and sees Lucid studios and then moves off off it.

100th Post. Go Lucid!

Monday Meeting?

How's everyone feeling about meeting up tomorrow (Monday). I understand if anyone wants to take tomorrow off to complete their Character Design, however if everyone is up for it, it'd be great if we meet around 1:30 (or later).
EDIT: Monday's meeting, and Wednesday's meeting have been cancelled. We'll discuss our Narrative project during the break of the crit. Comment your opinions.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Spacecraft Turnarounds

So these are the first spacecraft turnarounds guys, i tried to give it a sort of 50's feel and make it look a little out of date. If you think anything needs changing let me know and i will redo it asap. Obviously it doesn't have to be that rigid, but i thought would just be easier when coming to model.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

To-Do List

Here's a list of things we need to talk about on Monday so that the meeting can be as productive as possible.

  • Landing Pod
    • Initial Design
    • Referenes and Influences
    • Orthograph / Turn-Around deadline
  • Scene Lighting and Time of Day
  • Scene 1: Possible Improvements
  • Marketing and Identity
    • Promotional Poster Design
    • Lucid Ident Ideas
  • Specific Role Assignments
  • Music and Sound Effects

The most important being the Landing Pod design as this is halting our progression with the production stage.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Mars Scape

Just a little preview of my work in progress. I'm working on the landscape for the long-shot of the walking astronauts and here is its current stage:

I have a list of things to tweak, but it's coming along nicely a the moment and will look great for the shots it will be used in.

The landscape is based on Bharathi's concept art, as I thought a valley of sorts would be perfect for the shot; the ridge to the left will provide a sense of vertical scale for the astronauts, and complements the flat plane which stretches into the distance. The backdrop is simply a cylindrical plane with a mountain panoramic image applied as colour. It would look really nice to have the double moons there, too, and will hopefully be a really atmospheric shot when coupled with music.

The camera angle at the moment is fairly close to what I'd like it to be in the final shot, with the camera zooming gradually in or, at least doing somehting so it's not static. I'm not sure if it's apparent in the test render above but, that curved line which seems to divide the bottom 3rd of the screen is a cliff edge looking over and into the valley.

We will talk about lighting of this, and other scenes on Monday's meeting - one of the things we've hardly talked about at all.

I will create another landscape for the landing shot, but only once we decide on a final concept for the space pod design. Regarding the design (I may as well post this here rather than give it its own post) I think it should be stylised slightly in a retro style, I fear we're forgetting the retro theme of the brief slightly. I'll make a follow up post sometime tonight or tomorrow with a list of stuff we can discuss on Monday.

Monday meeting - 2:30pm

If everyone's cool with it, Simon and I are putting 2:30pm on the table for tomorrows meeting. I'll be at work from 1-2 so we can either do the meeting before 12pm or after 2:30pm.....the latter sounds much more feasible.....also, we should discuss in this meeting, how we are going to communicate over it blog, Skype, msn or whatever.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Spaceship Idea

After the feedback i got from the sketches of the different spaceships. I have done a quick sketch of what i think a spaceship from the 50's could look like. Let me know what you think i should change and i will get to work

Monday, 8 November 2010

reupload of Music

This is just a reupload of the Music, there are two part in here, one's 'going to Mars' and the other is the montage (all one track though).

First Scene render

After reviewing this scene, we have decided that the flashes used put across a 'panicky' feel as if the craft is crashing and as a result we have decided to take them out. We will also be increasing the duration of the scene.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Monday Meeting

Pace has slowed quite a bit, usual Monday meeting at around lunch time?

We've got a few things to discuss before we can progress with Production, and we need to assign more solid roles so people know what they need to do. Comment if you will be there.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Space Pod Designs

Hey guys, these are just quick sketches, but tell me whatever ones you prefer and i will focus on them.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Space Shuttle Reference 2

So after speaking with Simon, we have come to the conclusion that when astronauts go into space, they never actually land their space shuttle on the planet, they get into a small pod like ship that they land onto new planets with..

Space Shuttle Reference

So i was looking for 1950s space shutttle and Neil Armstrong didnt land on the moon until 1966, so we may have to use the spacecraft from that era and alter it to give it an older look. These are the best images i found. They are from films and real shuttles.

Monday, 1 November 2010

First Scene Pre-Vis + Renders

The first scene is currently rendering and should by done by morning. We are now officially in the production stage!

Here's two high resolution renders:

And an animation preview.

(Linked for large file size; there might be viewing issues if you're on Internet Explorer or have slow connection).

A note about the animation: the flashing light is far less intense in the rendered scenes, I know on the pre-vis it's a little distracting.

Also, the whole scene in general is very easy to tweak so if anyone has any problems with how it looks, these problems can be resolved easily and then re-rendered. We'll see what it looks like tomorrow.

Now we need retro / futuristic space shuttle designs and concepts for the second scene.

1st Blob concept

Viral Marketing script idea

Simon: I'm here at the pre-screening of The Invisible Blob from Mars, the film should have ended so we can now get an audience reaction..."What did you think of the film?"

Matt: It was SCARY!

Simon: Are you looking forward to it's official release?

Matt: YES! I'm going to watch it again definitely, buy it on DVD, Bluray, 3D-Bluray VHS............Bharathi interrupts by coming through door

Simon: Oh! Hello, are you alright?

Bharathi: I just saw the blob....can't talk I'm sorry.

Matt: This is serious, call the ambulance, stop recording!

Pre-Vis: My Scenes

Pre_Vis_2 from Levalin on Vimeo.

I've finished my few scenes of the pre-vis. I know the blob is still in there but I forgot to take it out. Hope its ok.