Saturday, 13 November 2010

Mars Scape

Just a little preview of my work in progress. I'm working on the landscape for the long-shot of the walking astronauts and here is its current stage:

I have a list of things to tweak, but it's coming along nicely a the moment and will look great for the shots it will be used in.

The landscape is based on Bharathi's concept art, as I thought a valley of sorts would be perfect for the shot; the ridge to the left will provide a sense of vertical scale for the astronauts, and complements the flat plane which stretches into the distance. The backdrop is simply a cylindrical plane with a mountain panoramic image applied as colour. It would look really nice to have the double moons there, too, and will hopefully be a really atmospheric shot when coupled with music.

The camera angle at the moment is fairly close to what I'd like it to be in the final shot, with the camera zooming gradually in or, at least doing somehting so it's not static. I'm not sure if it's apparent in the test render above but, that curved line which seems to divide the bottom 3rd of the screen is a cliff edge looking over and into the valley.

We will talk about lighting of this, and other scenes on Monday's meeting - one of the things we've hardly talked about at all.

I will create another landscape for the landing shot, but only once we decide on a final concept for the space pod design. Regarding the design (I may as well post this here rather than give it its own post) I think it should be stylised slightly in a retro style, I fear we're forgetting the retro theme of the brief slightly. I'll make a follow up post sometime tonight or tomorrow with a list of stuff we can discuss on Monday.


  1. Looks good and true, I was wondering about that as well.

  2. Wow, this looks amazing! Nice work! And yh I can tell the different between the bottom third of the screen and the rest, because there is the difference in texture detail. In terms of the kind of shot, I can imagine a panning shot here, from left to right reeaaaaally slowly as the astronauts are seen in the distance. This render really is a confidence boost for me lol.