Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Official Poster

The official poster. Changed the caption from 'No One Would have Believed, that in the middle years of the 20th century, they were being watched' to 'The chances of anything living on Mars are a million to one'

DVD Cover and Template

The first image shows the black lines where the image wont be printed. The 2nd is the final DVD image. And below is the cover for the case. Hope they're ok.

Poster Version 4 and 5

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Coming down the rope animation update

I re-animated the two astronauts, one coming down the rope, and the other signaling.

Regaining Consciousness previs

Previs: Animated camera, of an the astronaut slowly getting up and regaining consciousness.

Poster Version 3

For this one it was experimenting with trying to show the blob but not actually doing so. Added in some shadow to try and show there could be a shape there but I don't think it worked very well. And again, another War of the Worlds quote.

Poster Version 2

Not too sure on the caption. I was trying to be clever and think of something different. Can easily be changed to something a little less corny. If it's not recognisable, it's the opening line to War of the Worlds. I was aiming to make a shadow in the corner to make it look like the blob is comming for the character who has charged and attacked in the opposite direction.

Poster Version 1

1st idea for our film poster. I was looking at the film poster for 'The Mist'. Seemed like the perfect place to hide something and make it 'invisible' to the eye. Plus the layout of the images on the poster I thought would work well to.

Checklist update

1: You see Mars. RENDERED

2: Spacecraft lands. RENDERED

3: Long shot of the crew walking across the surface of mars RENDERED

4: Close up of one crew members visor which reflects more of the surface RENDERED

5: We see the foot of one astronaut step on a crack in the surface, the crack then becomes bigger RENDERED

6: He calls over the rest of the crew RENDERED

7: Dialogue: Captain Shall we investigate further NOT RENDERED (needed? maybe include voiceover in previous scene however)

8: They go back to the ship to get equipment RENDERED

9: Close up of foot and ground giving way RENDERED

10: The last guy to leave for the ship falls in to the hole, with the rest of the crew in the foreground RENDERED

11: Guy struggles to get out of the hole, holding onto the sides, then suddenly disappears. (Maybe shouts out help?) RENDERED

12: Wakes up in a daze. "Huston We have a problem" NOT RENDERED

13: Rest of the crew look over the hole (camera angle, over their shoulder looking into the hole?) NOT RENDERED (not needed?)

14: Looking up at the crew standing over the hole, from inside it. RENDERED

15: The three remaining crew members argue about whether to save him or not (one doesn't want to help) NOT RENDERED (not needed?)

16: They scale down the hole (wide shot) RENDERING

17: Over the shoulder shot with flashlight (Audience see the shadow of the blob, but the astronauts don't) RENDERING

18: Invisible cut: Through the eyes of the blob, looking at the astronaut (straight after the flashlight scene) RENDERING

19: Lucid Studios appears NOT RENDERED

20: Running heavy breathing (first person) RENDERING

21: Swinging at blob and missing. NOT RENDERED

22. Hitting blob. RENDERED

23: Flamethrower on blob. NOT RENDERED

24: Title shot NOT RENDERED

25:Blob attacking the screen NOT RENDERED

Monday, 17 January 2011


Managed to get the light to come further to the right rather than stopping closer to the centre. This is the version I was thinking we could use. This is the scene where the character shines the torch around.

This oen is a playblast of the character from the Blob's POV.

Landing Shot Close-Up

The close up of the craft landing, using fluid dynamics:

Peering In Scene Update

Preview of one of our shorter scenes - the 3 remaining astronauts peer in to the hole that the other crew member has fallen into.

Animation playblast showing camera movement and character animation:

Movie Posters

Hi guys, these are just some ideas i had regarding the posters for the trailer. Obviously you don't have to use them, but they might come in handy. Good luck

Searching with Light Scene Tests

Made the light move further to the right. Though I noticed that they're not fully matched just yet. Almost there with this scene.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Soundtrack update!

I worked more on the two sections as separate entities, timing will ofcourse be settled once we have all the scenes rendered.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Running Through Cave Test 3

Made it more hectic as if the character is really running frantically.

Running Through Cave Test 2

Added in the bobbing up and down like you suggested Bharathi. Hopefully looks ok.

Charlotte: Difficulty in finding scenes and improvments to be made

Hey Charlotte, I got the project files off Tom, but the location of each scene is really confusing and I'm not sure where to look. Could you clarify exactly which scenes you believe are ready for render nd where they are located so I can open them bd adjust the lighting. I've tried to find some scenes, and I believe there are still a couple of changes that you could make to them before I adjust the lighting.

Updates that need to be made:

16: They scale down the hole (wide shot)
Project: 'Martian_Cave'
Scene: Astronaut entering cave animation2.mb

Texture's aren't applied to the rocks, stalactites etc.
Animation for female coming down rope needs to be as if she's lowering herself down gradually rather than a keyframe at the top and a keyframe at the bottom.(animate her limbs)
Adjust bump maps.

17: Over the shoulder shot with flashlight (Audience see the shadow of the blob, but the astronauts don't)

Project: 'Martian_Cave_Updated'
Scene: 'Astronuts entering cave animation2.mb

Textures aren't applied on some rocks, and planes have the UV_Map on them as a texture. No texture on torch.

18: Invisible cut: Through the eyes of the blob, looking at the astronaut (straight after the flashlight scene)

Can I just confirm that this is set on another camera from the previous scene.

20: Running heavy breathing (first person)

Where is this located?

25: Blob attacking the screen.

Where is this located?

Falling In Scene Update

A quick update on the above ground footage - an animation and renders of one of the crew members falling / getting dragged down into the hole.


Hi guys, i text bharthi earlier unfortunately i don't have your numbers. Sorry for the lack of communication and presence i've had some bad news over the christmas period. I don't really want to go into details on here, but will tell you in person. I have managed to do some work however on the posters and 'making of'.... I just want to apologize for leaving you in the dark and being non existent, i'm sorry for not being here to help, I hope you can forgive me. It looks like the trailer is coming along amazingly. I will keep working on both 'the making of' and the posters and if there is anything else you need me to do then i will do it.


Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Attacking the Blob and missing render update

This is a render update of the scene in which the frightened astronaut attacks the blob with a piece of metal and misses. At the moment it is a little too dark, so the lighting will have to be increased.

Ground Gives Way scene

Latest Progress

Hey guys-

I'm going to work from home today, if you need me for something then I'll be on MSN. Hope the renders were successful last night, there should be 4 scenes in the images folder; scene 5, 6, 7 and 8.

I'll use the day to update the Making Of document or the movie posters, that way we'll be up to date will every part of the brief requirements.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Martian Cave- Glow and Fog tests

After Tom added a fog and glow the the scene, I went back and experimented with the settings. I've thinned the fog out as well as changed the colour to make it look less like slime. Also toned the glow down a little to make it less bright.

Animation tests update

Cave Lighting and Textures

The first few images are what lighting is in the cave at the moment. The last one I have to say was the result of Tom messing around with me watching. Seeing as the effect in the last one I thought looked pretty interesting and it was suggested that we have some fog etc on the ground I added it in for you to see.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Crew Investigates Update

We're making good progress. Four of our scenes are rendering right now and will be complete by tomorrow!

Here's the progress I made today, a few things to tweak on this scene but I'm calling it 100% because it's close enough:

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Astronaut hitting and missing the blob update

Changes to be made, astronaut will probably hang around for a bit longer after the attack. A pole will be parented to the astronauts hand.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Hole Scene Update 2

I agree with you Charlotte about the initial animation being a bit off, so while I was refining it I thought I'd make some more improvements and add some touches -

Improvements and Revisions:

Rocks no longer shift before they fall
Some rocks remain but are displaced so that the hole doesn't look too neat
Rising dust effect added
Pebble animation refined

Here are some stills showing how the dust looks when rendered:

I haven't updated the progress sheet in a while but considering that the rest of my scenes involve this hole, it means that the sets are modelled and all that's left to do is to animate the astronauts.

Friday, 7 January 2011

Texture Tests

The front pillar I want to change the texture to match the others. Plus I'm not too sure on the floor either. I'm thinking of changing it to the same as the celling. Also for the first few images I forgot to turn the bump depth down from 1 so if they look a little odd then that's why. Also I was thinking of using a rendered image of the cave scene for the side and back panels to give the illusion that it carries on. Hope they look ok so far. Plus was I turning the lighting way down low?