Thursday, 14 October 2010

Mars surface concept art

I created this concept based on what I believed we wanted the surface of Mars to look like. Please let me know of any changes to be made.


Stage 2:

Stage 1:


  1. That is bloody awesome! I like the landscape, though I think it would be better to have a relatively flat barren desert scape with a mountain range in the far distance to give a sense of scale.

    At the moment it looks like a thriving tropical planet, when Mars is actually dead.

    The sky is beautiful though :') I think you nailed it. Those moons are the icing! I wish Earth had two moons.

  2. Looks great Bharathi :D. Just a question though (nothing at all to do with the concept itself more just the medium). Would you think it matters that mine are done with water colours and yours with just photoshop?

  3. Hey thanks Simon, and good point, it does have a sense of life about it, I think I know what you mean, like make it more like the render you did of the Mars surface. I'll look into changing the concept after I've completed some of the other work. Thanks, I did get inspiration for the sky from looking at concept Art for a film called 'John Carter of Mars'...

    Thanks Charlotte, definitely not, concept art is concept art, regardless of the medium, we're just portraying our styles individually.

  4. Ok cool. And as Tom pointed out, your doing Mars' surface and I the cave, therefore it can be different in that sense to.

  5. Yh that's true too, although I am doing one concept inside the cave, where the astronauts are coming down the rope. But still, I do believe that every concept will be different depending on the artists' expression.

  6. True, plus the more the better and we'll have more to choose from :)