Sunday, 26 September 2010

Another story idea...







On Mars, a team of astronauts capture a blob to take back to Earth and investigate.

They keep it in a small glass box as it is only a small blob. They give it food to find out what its diet is. They find out it can eat small fruits and vegetables. The researchers decide to keep feeding it as they believe it's harmless, feeding a blob.

After a while, it begins to get bigger and gets a bigger diet. It eventually breaks out the glass box to find food. It breaks into shops and eats the food off the shelves and sleeps in drains.

It now comes to the publics attention and gets onto the news that an unidentifiable creature has been breaking into shops and eating off the shelves.

It then gets hungrier and starts to eat small children.

Now that this blob has begun eating humans, the town panics and everyone is warned to stay indoors.

Children are all protected, and policemen patrol the streets. The blob isn't seen for a few days, until a policeman is reported dead. It is confirmed that the blob has begun eating adult humans now, and CCTV footage has shown the policemen gobbled up by an invisible force.

The government resort to contacting a secret group of individuals that only operate in code red situations. These people own some of the most enticing gadgets used to protect planet Earth.

Everyone is indoors now, except for this special group. At first they look for the blob, but can't find it. When they finally do find it, they find that everyone/everything the blob has eaten, can be seen in it's 'belly' from the outside (the blob is invisible so we just see bodies floating). The group hesitate in shooting the blob as they did not want to hurt the people inside, as a result, one of the special group members get eaten.

The group realise that the only way of destroying the blob, is by being able to see it first. So, they seek NASA for information gathered from Mars. NASA provide them with all the information they can.

The group use this information to devise a weapon. They use the weapon on the blob, but it still doesn't work.

Eventually, a 'mad scientist' working for NASA is discovered to have hidden information from them regarding Mars, this information is what is needed to devise a weapon to kill the blob.

They use their new weapon on the blob, they see the blob now. The blob knocks most of the special group unconscious. The gun used to defeat the blob falls into the hands of the mad scientist. The mad scientist hesitates, but eventually decides to shoot the blob. Everyone is now free.


  1. Nothing to do with the story, but regarding the previous post, the exact effect your looking for, is a 2D effect. In after effects there is an effect called displacement map. You would render the blob as a sodid object with shading, then use the displacement map effect on the background. You might want to look it up on the internet for an exact tuorial. Hope this helps.

  2. This reminds me of the film Evolution.. When the alien specimen grows and grows and they have to destroy it with shampoo.. I like that idea

  3. LOOOOOOL I haven't seen Evolution, I'll check it out, and the fact that they destroy it using shampoo makes it even more compelling.