Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Here are some trailers for films I believe we could form a pastiche/parody/spoof for. One idea I had in mind would be to parody the 'flying saucer landing' scene from Invaders from Mars, where the kid gets out of bed and sees the flying saucer through the window, instead we could have the kid go to his window shout out "I'm trying to sleep!", and close it?


  1. Invaders from Mars is and will continue to be the worst film ever made. Ugh. Putting some references to how atrociously bad it was in our own trailer could score us some points.

    I liked the last trailer, and 'The Stuff' was pretty funny.

  2. Yer im liking the old films with the cheesy narrator at the beginning of the film. Maybe we could do something like that.