Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Summary of Ideas / Brainstorm

Hero / Low-angle shot of Astronauts looking down at cracked surface. Light hitting them from below.

Once Astronaut falls in, cut to first person view, lighting a flair / opening eyes (maybe cracked visor) and looking around. "Houston, we have a problem".

Footprint in Mars dust.

Trails once the other Astronauts get down there.

Original Astronaut is found stuck like in Alien / Predator scene.

Start, Mars visible through pod window as they make their decent.

Ident Transition: Glare from the metal logo flashing and turning into a star in the opening scene.

Ident Transition 2: Lucid Logo on screen, distortion across it to suggest blob is sliding over it.

Ident Transition 3: Astronaut footstep leaves behind lucid logo.

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