Friday, 14 January 2011

Charlotte: Difficulty in finding scenes and improvments to be made

Hey Charlotte, I got the project files off Tom, but the location of each scene is really confusing and I'm not sure where to look. Could you clarify exactly which scenes you believe are ready for render nd where they are located so I can open them bd adjust the lighting. I've tried to find some scenes, and I believe there are still a couple of changes that you could make to them before I adjust the lighting.

Updates that need to be made:

16: They scale down the hole (wide shot)
Project: 'Martian_Cave'
Scene: Astronaut entering cave animation2.mb

Texture's aren't applied to the rocks, stalactites etc.
Animation for female coming down rope needs to be as if she's lowering herself down gradually rather than a keyframe at the top and a keyframe at the bottom.(animate her limbs)
Adjust bump maps.

17: Over the shoulder shot with flashlight (Audience see the shadow of the blob, but the astronauts don't)

Project: 'Martian_Cave_Updated'
Scene: 'Astronuts entering cave animation2.mb

Textures aren't applied on some rocks, and planes have the UV_Map on them as a texture. No texture on torch.

18: Invisible cut: Through the eyes of the blob, looking at the astronaut (straight after the flashlight scene)

Can I just confirm that this is set on another camera from the previous scene.

20: Running heavy breathing (first person)

Where is this located?

25: Blob attacking the screen.

Where is this located?


  1. For all,

    Please read...

  2. Hi Bharathi

    The files should be in the scene fold. The project fold is 'Martian Cave Updates'. The two scenes your after are called 'Astronauts entering cave animation' and 'Astronauts entering cave animation'.

    The running scene is in the Astronauts entering cave animation and the rest of the stuff is in Astronauts entering cave animation2.

    Ok for the majority of them the textures just need to be re located. I'll sort that out. And drat I forgot the 'Blob attacking Camera scene'. I'll get onto that tonight.