Saturday, 8 January 2011

Hole Scene Update 2

I agree with you Charlotte about the initial animation being a bit off, so while I was refining it I thought I'd make some more improvements and add some touches -

Improvements and Revisions:

Rocks no longer shift before they fall
Some rocks remain but are displaced so that the hole doesn't look too neat
Rising dust effect added
Pebble animation refined

Here are some stills showing how the dust looks when rendered:

I haven't updated the progress sheet in a while but considering that the rest of my scenes involve this hole, it means that the sets are modelled and all that's left to do is to animate the astronauts.


  1. Looks much better :D. Plus I like the ideas of the dust and having some left behind to :)

  2. yh! really like this, I can imagine sum1 falling down this! and yh +1 for the added effects!