Monday, 20 December 2010

Animated Texture Example

I've been struggling to come up with a way to animate this cracked surface over the passed few days, and after dismissing blend shapes as an option I decided to experiment with an animated texture that could be used for the bump map.

Here's a playblast showing the scene as it is at the moment:


The animated bump-map:


And a rendered still:

With a bit of tweaking and improvement, this scene will be finished tomorrow. And just for encouragement, here's my progress sheet:

Hope everyone's having a good holiday so far.


  1. I dnt hav any problems with this....I mean initially, the first .gif you've got, I thought that the astronaut's foot and the texture didn't match up like composition-wise....however, lookin at the render, it jus looks awesome! keep it up!

  2. In the .gif I had to use the bump map as colour so it showed up - bump maps aren't displayed in playblasts. Hopefully it will look good, I'll update tomorrow when I've finished it.

  3. Looking good. Can't really say anything else except for what will echo what Bharathi said :)