Sunday, 12 December 2010

Landing Shot - Preview

For our second shot we have the transportation vehicle land on the surface - I've built a new set for the landscape. Comment on lighting, position, camera angle etc; anything that works and doesn't work.

I've also included the vehicle (currently untextured) and a proposed flight path (green line) to give a rough idea of what it might look like while animated. I thought it might look good if the craft flew horizontally from the distance into the foreground, then turns and lands vertically on the surface. Again, if there's anything you can see not working then say, or if you had your own ideas for the animation of the scene then say. We haven't really discussed the scene in detail so I kind of just made it up :)

(Note: the texture used for the bump map is low res, it is noticeable in the bottom right of the scene - this will be resolved)


  1. awesome! I think we can change this scene into two shots then. Start it off with this, and then as the craft is landing, we cut to a close up shot of the craft, with the ramp extracting and the crewmembers coming out? Don't really have any other problems with this, I can see how you've made it more red, how far can you push that red btw without making it look like fire lol?

  2. I can make it redder, I just didn't want to make it look to vibrant and unnatural - but I'll try it.

    Yeah that's a good idea, like an invisible cut, I can see that working really well.

  3. Looks grea tna d I like the idea of the cut as well. Hmmmmmm perhaps, wouuld it be difficult to see what a tad of blue would look like in the sky (only a ittle nothing that sticks out). I just feel the scene is too red. If not then it still looks good but just an idea to see how far it can be pushed :). Hope that made sense

  4. Lol, one of you wants red, one of you wants blue!

  5. No, keep the red I'm for it now, just a tint of it :)