Friday, 31 December 2010

First Scene Modeled

Finished this one. Which scene do we want for what shot? Or shall I go through what I've been assigned and decide which shot takes place where? Because I'm seeing this set as the one where the astronauts climb down into the cave.


  1. I like, though what method will you be using for the cave walls? 2D planes with textures or real modelled geometry?

    As for which shot, maybe take a look again at Bharathi's concept art and pre-vis to get a better idea. The cave scenes are kind of yours and Bo's jurisdiction so I don't know.

  2. In reply to your last post, I think details can be achieved using bump maps when texturing (will definitely need to run texturing through with Simon, probably best once we're all in Rochester, sitting in the base room).........this could work with the 'coming down the rope' scene, for the other scenes, look at what happens in the storyboard, if the backgroudn is blurred then less attention to creating a scape needs to be payed, however, in other underground scenes, the background may provide a massive impact so then more attention needs to be payed to the rocks n walls...