Thursday, 9 December 2010

Personnel Carrier Update

I've tweaked the shape slightly so it's not as curvy, and added a few details like the engine sections on the underside and landing gear.


Landing Gear Example:

Engine Demonstration:

And Bharathi, for the opening, I think the screen will have a mechanism like this. The characters won't be shown walking out, it will just be implied.


  1. Ah this looks great Simon, nice work! The heatwave effect looks great. I can't think of any other refinements on the model....and as long as we have them walking from the ship, then it should be fine, cus we need that retro-referencin-shot of the crew walking from it...

  2. The crew walking out shot would be great I suppose, a reference to the alien ships landing on Earth but subverting it with humans on an alien planet instead.

    I'll see what I can do in terms of a docking ramp kind of entrance.