Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Reflection Shot Pre-Vis

Sorry I didn't update with work yesterday - this scene's been causing me problems. Originally ray-tracing was used to reflect the physical environment but this was taxing on the hardware and rendering times were through the roof. Instead, I put together a panoramic image to be used as a reflection map, hopefully it will still look good in the animation. Here is a still render:

Here is the animated pre-vis:

Tell me what you think - mainly regarding the animation, like camera position, character prosition etc. If you guys like the scene then I'm happy to report that we have 4 shots ready to render :) But if you think it needs tweaking, say now.


  1. This looks great :D. Hmmm perhaps if one of them if the woman maybe giver her a little sway with her hips? though this isn't a mjor must have :)

  2. Hmm, I should have done that in the actual walking animation, it would be difficult to tweak now. Perhaps the woman should be in front and the male behind? His walking animation is better.

  3. I really like this, cus the focus is on the helmet from the start so you don't get too distracted by the astronaut in the background, the render is SOOO COOOL!!! lol nice work!