Saturday, 11 December 2010

Christmas Progress Updates

Each of us have our delegated shots to complete over the holidays, and I thought the best way to update the rest of the group on my progress with these was to make a graphic progression sheet which shows the completion of individual shots (as well as side tasks: the Ident and Teasers)

Click for larger:

It looks a bit empty at the moment, but some of the shots take place in the same scene with simply a change in camera angle or character position, so often multiple shots will be completed simultaneously. As you can see, 2 of our scenes are already complete with modelling, lighting and animation and are ready to render out :D yay. I'll replace the 'Thumbnail Unavailable' images with small screen shots of the scenes as I build and animate them, to give a visual idea of where I'm at, in combination with the percentage progress which is just a sort of estimation of how far along I am with each shot.

Hope you guys like the idea :)

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