Thursday, 9 December 2010

Longshot Update

I hope I've made the lighting as atmospheric as we wanted, the scene is set around dusk so the sun is at a low angle. After adding the other astronauts, the scene should be ready to render - if everyone is satisfied with the lighting and the example renders.

Animation showing camera movement:

Example Renders:


  1. Looks great...I'm happy with the lighting, is there any way to make the land more reddish like ur first renders:
    I still like this, just I think that if it was more reddish it'd be alot more obvious that we are on Mars, although I suppose that's what the 'landing scene' establishes...are the people walking in this shot too? Shot-wise, this is exactly how I imagined it in my head :)

  2. Looks great and yeh, like Bharathi said, is there any chance of making the surface more red. Cause at the moment the sky and ground are too similar in colour. Otherwise all is great :). Really like the two moons

  3. Alrighty- thanks for the suggestions.