Monday, 13 December 2010

Landing Shot Pre-Vis

I've completed the animation of the second scene: our landing shot. A quick note about the colour - we can change it more easily in post-processing than in Maya, so if anyone has issues with the colour, it can be tweaked later.

Render (no post processing):


The bright green shapes are where the heat distortion will be applied. By rendering out our scene and then a separate alpha pass (the black and white .gif) we can use it to distort the area underneath the craft in post processing to make it look like the engines are giving off heat.

You may not be able to see in the animation due to quality, but the craft's landing gear unfolds as it gets near to the surface. I'll make a post later on with an example of this, as I plan to refine the craft a bit more for the close-up shot of the docking ramp opening.

Thoughts? Anything that might need changing? Otherwise we have 3 successfully completed scenes :)


  1. nope, looks great! Haven't got any problems with it, landing scene should look great, especially with close up shot following this. Alpha channel stuff is interesting, might hav to ask u more about using it later lol.

  2. Looks great, basically to sumon up 'What Bharathi said' :)