Tuesday, 28 December 2010

'Making of' Documentary - Update

Hope everyone has had a good Christmas. I thought I'd get back in the working mood by creating some more pages for the making of publication. Here are the pages so far:

I'm trying to design it in the most logical order, something like this:

Introduction (2 pages)
Storyboard (4 pages)
Concept Art - 2D (4 Pages)
Concept Art - 3D (2 Pages)
Character Development - 2D (2 Pages)
Character Development - 3D (4 Pages)
Landscape Development - 3D (4 Pages)
Craft Development (2 Pages)
'Behind the Scenes' (Wireframes, camera positions etc) (6/8 Pages)
Final Renders (4 Pages)
Closing Comments (2 Pages)

I've made the images above big enough to read the text so If everyone could give them a brief skim and tell me if anything may need changing then that would be good. Also if anyone can think of anything else we could put in this book then give me some ideas. I will be making it simultaneously with the CG shots and updating it as I go along.

PS the concept art pages look awesome, nice to see all your work compiled like that.

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  1. This looks great! Small details that might need adding in - in the 'early conceptulisation' bit, although our film is influenced by Alien, it might help to put in some 1950s b-movie influences to please the brief,like maybe The Day The Earth Stood Still....other lil things include adding a header for the second page of storyboards........pages that I think need to be added (once I fully finish them) include Music, Voiceovers!....but yh, this is looking great, nice work!