Monday, 11 October 2010

Astronaut Research And drawings

Hey guys sorry i didn't put the images on sooner. My scanner has been playing up. So with what Simon said about keeping the astronauts simple is a good idea i think. Here are the ones i found online which i think are more of what we should be looking to build.

I really like these first two suits. However i'm not sure about the colour, i think maybe we should change it to a silver or something like that. Because a lot of the old films seemed to never have white suits.

The spacesuit above is the Mercury spacesuit. I think this fits in the best with our film. However, i dont know how hard it will be to model. Let me know what you think?

Also i thought how we are going to portray a woman as one of the astronauts. This is the first idea i came up with.

I have done some other drawings but let me know what you think about these suits and i will go from there


  1. I quite like the concept but, at the moment, I can't model human shapes and the suit looks quite figure hugging.

    And I completely agree with you about the Astronaut design - a sort of combination of the two suits would be good. The first suit and the Mercury suit look almost exactly the same except for the colour.

    Silver would be cool. 4 highly reflective space men walking around on Mars would be hell for rendering time lol, but if it looks good then we'll do it.

    Regarding modelling: I've already started :D And at the moment it hasn't been too difficult. I might post up some previews later tonight after I've made the gloves and refined the boots. Maybe a helmet too, depending on how lazy I feel.

  2. Nice work Matt, I really like the 2nd space suit reference image, the baggy one. This was the one I imagined, however ur right about trying to make a female version whilst keeping it baggy. Your sketch definitely comes across as female, however, if we decide on the baggy spacesuit then I dnt knw how we can use both, I think the main thing we can do to the baggy space suit is rig shoulders that are more closer to eachother and a bigger waist I guess.

  3. Looking good Matt :). Plus is also nice to see a nicely proportioned woman to.

  4. yer thats the only thing i was concerned about. Like back in the 50's films, the women are beautiful, but its gonna be hard modeling them with the curves and so forth.