Tuesday, 19 October 2010

New Synopsis

It's the year 2000, and in order for the people of Earth to widen their knowledge of the planet Mars, NASA send a crew of 4 astronauts there.

Whilst walking on the surface, one of the crew members steps on a crack in the ground and it spreads.

The crew decide that they should return to the craft in order to get specialist equipment to investigate the crack.

However, immediately after they decide to go to the craft, the crack gives way and one of the crew members falls in!

Despite one out of the three crew members safe on the surface protesting against going into the hole to save their friend, they eventually agree on going in.

Once down there, they see their friend and find out he's safe. However, as soon as they've all gotten down the rope, an invisible force takes the first crew member deep into the cave.

They begin the search for the taken crewmember. Wary in their movements, they approach the cave with caution.

The blob makes another surprise attack, this time, they begin attacking it with various tools from their kit, they succeed in hitting it, and in turn are able to see it, but it still gets away.

They eventually encounter it again and use a combination of their flare and oxygen tank to use as a flamethrower and burn the blob.

They leave Mars, not knowing that part of the blob has escaped with them onto the craft......Invisible Blob from Mars 2!!!!!!! ON EARTH!

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