Monday, 18 October 2010

Mars Music 4th idea - Walking

Another idea for Music whilst walking on Mars, and I reckon something like this could be used whilst approaching Mars too. Please comment on changes, I hope we are going somewhere with this sorta soundtrack.

Download Lucid - Walking On Mars 2


  1. Sounds good :D. Add this to the begining of a sped up piece it wuld work really well :)

  2. Thanks! Do you mean I should speed this up and use it, or add this to a part of the trailer that has fast cuts? I was planning on doing another rendition of this, with a beat, and probably add a trumpet and some more instruments to use for the montage? ( abit like the doctor who trailer u sent me Charlotte)

  3. This bit at the begining and then the sped up bit you plan on making next :).