Saturday, 16 October 2010

Working Script

Night of the Invisible Blob from Mars

Trailer Script

Matt’s man (V.O) (Throughout trailer)

“4 astronauts are sent to collect research on the planet Mars, but once there, they soon find out that they must explore a whole new world BENEATH Mars' surface! When a crewmember falls through a crack in the ground, the rest of the crew find themselves committed to investigating the crimson crevices of the red planet to save their friend. However, what they don't realise is that they aren't alone under there...”

Ext. Space

Look through the spacecrafts window as it approaches Mars.

Ext. Mars

Low angle shot of spacecraft landing.

Long shot of crew on Mars.

Close up of crewmember’s visor with reflection.

Close up of crewmember’s foot stepping on crack.

Medium shot of crewmember turning around and looking at crack. Hey! Come check this out!"......or......"We have an anomaly in the planet's surface Captain". (After stepping on, and seeing the crack)

Medium shot with crew surrounding crack.

"Let's dig this bad boy up"....or...."Captain, permission to investigate" (As the crew gathers around crack)……………… "Let's get some more tools from the craft".....or....."We will need to return to the craft to retrieve specialist equipment" (As the crew gathers around crack)

Off angle shot of crew walking away with 1 crewmember in the background.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh".......or......."Helpppppppppp" (Crew member falls in)

Close up of hole as crewmember falls in.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh".......or......."Helpppppppppp" (Crew member falls in)

Ext. Under Mars Surface

First person view as a flare is lit.

"Ohhhhhh shiiiiii".....or......"Houston we have a problem" (Regaining vision/Flare)

Ext. Mars

Crew looking into hole

Ext. Under Mars Surface

Looking up at hole with rocks falling down

Ext. Mars

Over the shoulder of crew member (Male)

"I'm going down".............or..........."We have to save (name)??? (Male argues)

Over the shoulder of crew member (Female)

"No! I'm going back"......or......"The procedure in an incident like this, is to return to the craft, we don't know what could be down there" (Female argues)

Over the shoulder of crewmember (Male)

"You're just gonna leave him? I'm goin down!".......or......."I Never leave a man behind" (Male argues)

Ext. Under Mars Surface

Long shot of crew coming down rope

Medium shot of crew using torch to look around area.

Blobs-eye-view of light shining on it

(fade in)

Ident: Lucid Studios

(fade out)

Ext. Under Mars Surface

Close up of torch hitting the ground

First person view of crewmember running breathing heavily.

Blobs eye view as it sneaks up on a crewmember.

Medium shot as crewmember uses flamethrower on screen.

Medium-Long shot of crewmember swinging at nothing shouting

"Where are you!" (Swinging at the invisible blob)

Title Screen

Night of the Invisible Blob from Mars

(fade out)

Close up of Blob attacking the screen.

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