Monday, 11 October 2010

Mars scene music?

Hey, I've produced a short piece of Music, I reckon we could use something like this for the scene on Mars, or the journey to Mars. Let me know, what kinda Music you can imagine for each scene and I'll work on producing it, or if my composing is that bad, scrapping it, and looking for professional Music.

Download Lucid - Mars Scene

1 comment:

  1. The beginning works perfectly. I can see Mars through the window as it plays, and it builds tension nicely at the start. I'm not sure I like the beat that starts at :15 seconds though, and although the music that starts at :30 is epic, it's more kind of 'heroic' when our film is a horror.

    Definitely don't scrap this, I think with a bit of tweaking we can have the perfect tailor made soundtrack. Good job man!!