Saturday, 9 October 2010

Maya Experimentation 5

I was waiting on character development before I started making the astronaut characters in Maya, but I figured whatever kind of design is decided on, it's not going to vary a great deal from typical NASA style suits. Therefore I thought I'd play about in Maya to get a nice creased / crinkled material that could be used for our characters when the design is finalised.

High Resolution Renders:

The baggy white material is based off of the NASA space suits. I'm wary of being too ambitious, but I am confident that I could build a full suit and rig it for animation in time for production.


I also attempted a simple leg bone and walking animation (which looks more like a running animation :p, but practise makes perfect). Here's the result:

By editing the influence that the joints have on the mesh, the suit can be made to crease nicely as it moves as if it were made of thick fabric. Tell me what you think please.


  1. This looks great!

    The way you've creased the trousers, looks very convincing.

    We at B3D studios are also going to need a fully rigged space suited type character. Amongst a couple of other characters as well.

    Eventually I'm going to have to figure out how to do the same sort of thing... somehow :D

  2. Thanks! And best of luck to you and you astronaut design :)

  3. Nice work Simon, Ethan's right, both the trousers and the boots look very convincing, I can imagine the whole suit coming together now, also the animation is really cool, I can picture a Mars background behind it!