Thursday, 14 October 2010

Maya Character Development 2

Thought I'd post a quick update to keep everyone in the loop with our character progress. As the design is drawing more inspiration from the 1959 - 1963 Mercury space suit and less from the more modern white bulky suits, the characters are slimmer.

The body shape is nearly complete, but there's something very off about the proportions that I can't quite pinpoint. I will get some human references and use them as a template to fix this problem.

One of the main challenges was to show the difference between the male and female character enough that their gender is obvious to the audience.

I'll continue to refine them, and once I fix the proportions and add some creases to the material the main suit design will be complete, and we can work on colour and accessories like belts and radio packs.

And here are some wires. Hopefully the topology is okay for skinning.

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  1. The suits look great Simon, I can tell they're astronauts, and once gadgets (e.g. oxygen tank) are added it'll undoubtedly resemble an astronaut. It's gd that u sed that u were gonna refine the body shape, because although I can tell they're human, there's something unnatural about the way they stand. Nice work, Simon!