Sunday, 31 October 2010

Maya Character Progress

It's a bit quiet on here. Here's an update with the characters. The male is now connected to the rig, which means it's just a matter of tweaking the body shape a bit for the others - no re-painting weights which is the longest and most tedious part.

I'm getting better at walking animations too. I need to refine the female's because it looks a little weird.

See you guys tomorrow. I'll be in fairly early but we should meet at lunch if not before, hopefully we can secure a few fast computers in the computer suite.


  1. Sure around lunch time sounds good. I'l be around :)

  2. ah man, nice work Simon, these are lookin good!!! Once we get our previs together, we can pretty much start production!

  3. Oh yes forgot to mention that the animation was looking good (sprry long day yesterday)