Sunday, 17 October 2010

Maya Character Development 3

A small update on the characters. I've cleared up a lot of stuff behind the scenes and also made some different shaders for the suit and helmet to up the reflectivity. It might look better with a silver material like the Mercury suits, so I'll try that next.

There are still problems anatomically, especially with the male space guy. After they're equipped with bulky back packs and belts and other bits and pieces, I'm fairly certain it will hide the body shape a bit and will look fine. Also, once they're rigged, their poses won't be so straight and unnatural as they are now.

It's the beginning of the 5th week tomorrow, and we are aiming to start production on the 6th so I'm going to have all the astronauts finished and (hopefully) rigged come next weekend. So, in tomorrow's meeting we can discuss a what we've got left to do before production starts, and also what we need for Wednesday's pitch!!

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  1. Looks great man, I'm happy with this, and yh, I think with all the gadgets on them, they'll look alot less frigid. I'd like to see the silver renders too. I'll be in at 10am tomorrow, so I guess I'll stay there if anyone wants to come in and organise anything, I'm REALLY 'on' doing this recording this outside LEcture theatre 2, won't take long to do.