Friday, 1 October 2010

Maya Experimentation 2

I've been playing around with terrain in Maya to see how difficult a Martian landscape would be to create, and I've come up with these test renders so far:

I used these Mars Surface images for reference, Google has some really nice high resolution shots of Mars taken by NASA's Mars rover.

I'll continue playing around with it, perhaps it would be better to go for a flat sandy landscape rather than a harsh rock kind of landscape. Comments and suggestions are welcome!


  1. These renders are certainly atmospheric. Very nice.
    The only major difference between these and the photos is that the floor plane is rather lumpy in your renders. Like lumpy custard.
    I would agree with you, that the landscape would look better if it was flatter with a lower frequency in lumps, with lots of rocks on top. The smaller rocks can be bumped onto the texture.

  2. Nice! I can really imagine the surface breaking scene here. I did picture a flat sandier landscape with few rocks like you and Ethan have stated, but this idea could also work well with the surface crumbling.