Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Mars Music 3rd idea - Landing

I decided to leave the suspenseful walking on Mars music for later, it's kinda doing my head in. Thanks alot for the comments Simon, I'm basically using wht advice you've given to change the music, also if anyone could even say what they want a certain piece to sound 'like' e.g. the sound in a video off of Youtube, I can try do it in a similar style.

I intended this piece of Music to be for when the Spacecraft lands on Mars. Please let me know of any changes to be made.

Download Lucid - Landing


  1. Sounds good. Hmmmmm a good piece of trailer music (I personaly think) is the Doctor Who trailer piece. It's called 'All These Strange Strange Creatures'. I know it's not 1950's, but it does have that perfect starting of slow and then speeds up along with the trailer. If you can't find it on youtube then let me know as i've got it on my laptop. I'll try sending it to you via email to have a listen to.

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfEPQqHx40c

    There's a link to the music. Sorry for not getting the music on its own :). Hope it helps

  3. Thanks! I actually really like how it goes from spooky to action, this definitely helps.

  4. No problem and yeh its pretty good in doing that to :)