Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Painting Weights, Oh How I Love Thee

AKA: Maya Technical Development.

I've spent the day creating a rig to use for our characters, skinning the model, and then animating a basic walk cycle to make sure all the weights were painted correctly.

Walking Animation:

Walking Animation X-Ray:

Head Control Demonstration:

Fully articulated fingers for a few scenes where they might be needed, and full head / helmet movement.

The same rig can be used for all of the characters so making the rest will take no time at all.

How are you guys doing with the preliminary visualisation scenes?


  1. niiiiiice, the animation looks great, can't wait to put this all together, the 'preliminary visualisation' is going good, I should have my scenes up by tonight!

  2. Sick dude, all of them? Nice progress. Yeah It should come together nicely by next Monday, when hopefully it will be full on production time.

  3. Yh, I mean I've only really just started the pre-vis, got two scenes is REALLY basic, like literally cubes and spheres, but a pre-vis nonetheless...