Monday, 18 October 2010


Here's 6 different materials, which one looks the best?

Mercury Foil

Mercury Foil Alternative

NASA Fabric Matte

NASA Fabric Glossy

NASA Fabric Reflective

NASA Fabric Reflective Alt

If anyone has any good suggestions or references of a material that might also work, I'll make a shader based off of it, apply it to the characters, and update this blog post with a new render.

1 comment:

  1. I think the matte version works best. Maybe the glossy. I don't think the reflective ones work as the mesh is too simple. If the mesh had more creases in the fabric, you could have possibly used relfection. The fact that I can see the mars landscape so clearly is whats off putting.

    Although I wouldn't take my anser as the definitve answer. If you want reflections, go for it! (exept for mercury foil alterative, it looks mucky!)

    It might just be the shader and not the simplicity of the geometry, in which case it maybe usefull to ask Alan on how to make a more accurate shader for what your looking for.

    Infact. I've just noticed what else might be wrong. The reflective ones have a bump map of some sort of fabric. Perhaps by removing the evenly distributed noise and adding (painting) extra creases into the bump map, might actualy work. Again I would ask Alan for further advice.

    Hope this helps!