Friday, 1 October 2010

Underground Martian World

I know we were leaning towards the cave underneath Mars to be one of a jungle of sorts, but I also imaged maybe a lost city and other such ruins scattered around. I found these images whilst looking for some inspiration on what the cave beneath the surface could be like. Plus they were very inspirational. I've done a few rough thumbnails which I will show everyone on Monday (as I need to sort my scanner out). Do we want the cave to be just a jungle or does the ruined city etc sound like a good idea?


  1. When did anyone say anything about a jungle? Have I missed something? :( I thought we were going to go for a curvy, alienish cave but still made of rock.

    We should think about the logic behind it; if it is just inhabited by blobs then the physical ability and intelligence to make anything structural would probably be lacking.

    It would only make sense for there to be some kind of Atlantis-esque city if it was heavily involved in the story line somehow.

    Not ruling it out - just saying that we shouldn't do stuff for the sake of it.

  2. Agh sorry that way my mistake, no one said a jungle. And ok i'll redo some other sketches :). True, I'll resketch some other ideas :).

  3. Depends what you take from these images though. Because we really can make it look like what we want. Granted some of these places look like Earth, we can still take inspiration from some of these images.

    In terms of logic, we can really make up the intelligence level of the blobs, they could be super smart or just bits of bacteria feeding off the land, we can do anything with the landscape as long as you can make it home to the blobs.

    Also, I agree with Simon about us expressing our interesting the curvy alien atmosphere in the last 2 of Matt's reference images. I think it was a good idea to get reference images up before spending hours drawing concept art for a jungle though ;)