Monday, 11 October 2010

Final Storyboard: Rough Test

So after our very successful meeting on Wednesday i am pleased to say that i have got down a rough storyboard after the meeting. However if you think iv'e missed anything out, or anything else to add in to the montage, let me know and i will change the final storyboard.

Also as it may be hard for you to read my writing i will type out each scene after this post.


  1. Cool, I can understand wht's going on, and can read the text fine. I'll start working on finalising the script now that we've got a storyboard. However, I dunno if we decided on this in the meeting, but at the end of the trailer, you've got the two leaving the hole, did we decide on putting that in, cus that's basically the whole film. I thought the trailer was gonna start outside of the hole (which it does), but then I thought it'd end inside the hole, and the last scene being the blob attacking the camera.

  2. in the meeting we decided on them leaving the hole, but as the camera looks back down the hole, the blob then attacks the camera. Leaving you unsure wether they have escaped from mars. Then the title appears