Thursday, 14 October 2010

Concept Piece 2

The 2nd concept piece. It needs a little more work but I want to get a base down for all 3 before I add in more detail. Is this OK? The clearer pale parts was means to be some sort of pool of water with a little stream. However if we're no longer going with finding water underground then I can easily change the colours to make it solid ground.


  1. Because this is under the surface of Mars, we decided it'd be too complicated to workout how water got to the top hole, however, these 'errors' won't be picked up easily by the audience, so you could draw some pools of water I guess...Also, maybe add more of the curviness alieny features to the cave?? Nice work, Charlotte!

  2. I'll give it a go. the water apperance will be easy to get rid off. i'll be working on this over the weekend and tomorrow to so I'll add in some curves :). Thanks.