Sunday, 24 October 2010

Title and poster idea

This is really jus to get the font nailed. Let me know what you all think, but to be honest, I'm edging back towards Simon's font idea posted earlier, I think we could use that. A friend sent me this tutorial on creating a Retro Sci-Fi poster (link below), so I'll probably use that, and create another idea.



  1. Do you know what. I somehow read the poster as NIGHT OF THE BLOB FROM MARS and completely didn't notice the INVISIBLE. How ironic! Is that the right word, i'm not sure. :D

  2. I guess it is ironic...I kind of saw the fact that you couldn't see the INVISIBLE part as a negative, because I do actually want the whole title to be read, but then at the same time have it be invisible, if u get what I mean...thanks though Ethan!